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Frequent issues

404 instead of redirection

If you experience "404 not found" instead of a redirection when you follow a short URL, this is not a bug. It's a configuration problem on your end.

Endless spinning icon

Cannot add or edit links?


You've installed YOURLS, everything went fine and looks functional. However, when you try to shorten a new link, or edit an existing one, the button get a little spinning icon forever loading icon and nothing actually happens.


The Ajax script loads a URL like: https://sho.rt/admin/index_ajax.php?mode=add&url=

If that URL returns anything but a well formed result, then the Ajax script dies.


Most of the time, the problem is a server configuration issue.

  • Check your config.php and your .htaccess.
  • Check server logs
  • Manually check what kind of result the Ajax URL returns (type the full URL in your browser, or use your web browser developer tools)

Most of the time, you should not open an issue about it. Search in closed issues.

On the admin page you will see action buttons next to each short URL, to delete, share, edit them or see their stats. If the Share button isn't visible and you cannot get the Share Box to be displayed, make sure to turn your ad blocker off.