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Welcome to YOURLS


YOURLS is a powerful set of PHP scripts that empowers you to run Your Own URL Shortener, on your server. With YOURLS, you have complete control over your links, detailed statistics, plugin support, and more, all wrapped in a free and open-source package.

Key Features

  • Total Control: YOURLS lets you take charge of your short links. Use your domain or subdomain, ensuring that your branding takes center stage.
  • Detailed Stats: Gain insights into link performance with YOURLS' comprehensive statistics and analytics.
  • Extensible: Customize and extend your URL shortener with a variety of plugins available in the YOURLS ecosystem.
  • Open Source: YOURLS is open-source, allowing you to modify and adapt it to your specific needs.


To get started with YOURLS, you need to ensure that your server and client meet the following requirements:

Server Requirements

  • Web Server: YOURLS requires Apache (httpd) version 2.4 or greater, with the mod_rewrite module enabled.
  • PHP: PHP version 7.4 or greater is required for YOURLS to function correctly.
    • If you plan on utilizing the YOURLS API, make sure the PHP cURL extension is enabled.
  • Database: YOURLS supports either MySQL (version 5.0 or greater) or MariaDB (version 10.0 or greater) for storing link data.
  • HTTPS Support: For security reasons, we recommend hosting your YOURLS installation on a server with HTTPS support.

Client Requirements

For accessing and using your shortened links, any modern web browser will suffice.

By meeting these requirements, you can leverage the full potential of YOURLS to create and manage your URL shortener. If you're ready to get started, head over to the installation guide for a step-by-step setup process.