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YOURLS 1.8.2

ยท 2 min read
Ozh Richard
Maintainer of YOURLS

YOURLS 1.8.2 is available and waiting for you.

What's new?โ€‹

This version brings a few fixes and improvements that were implemented during the past 6 months: a few cosmetic issues with IE 11 and Docker, better handling of SSL proxies, various hooks and inline documentation that will make developers job easier. The most noticeable - yet invisible - changes would be two minor security issues with XSS and iframe jacking (yes, I know it sounds suspicious to call security issues "minor" but this is really what they were ๐Ÿ™‚. Gory details in the changelog for those interested.

How to update?โ€‹

This version doesn't alter the database, so updating should be an instant "download, overwrite your existing files and forget" job. This won't affect user config and plugins, as usual. And as always, we have to recommend that you backup your DB from time to time, and updating seems like a good opportunity to do so.

Spread the word!โ€‹

YOURLS exists and thrives because of people using it and telling their friends how much they enjoy it. Have you starred the project on GitHub? And thank you all for tweeting and youtubing and whatnotting about this release ๐Ÿ™‚