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YOURLS 1.8.1

· One min read
Ozh Richard
Maintainer of YOURLS

YOURLS 1.8.1 is available to the world.

What's new?

This "patch release" fixes the update procedure for folks running MySQL and having table names with dashes (eg joe-yourls-options ... Jeez, gentlemen, underscores ftw!).

It also fixes the way YOURLS determines if a page should be publicly available or not, on private installs, for instance to have private YOURLS instances where one must log to enter the admin area but where the API or stat pages are viewable by anyone.

While I was at it, I added an interesting new hook for actions and filters: the "all" hook, to be able to attach every single action and filter that YOURLS triggers to the same function. Debugging level 9000. See the docs page Debugging YOURLS to learn how to use this powerful hook.

How to update?

Simply download the new release and overwrite your files. As usual this won't affect user defined files, such as plugins, config or languages. And as usual, even if this quick update doesn't change anything in the DB, when was the last time you made a backup? 🙂

Spread the word, and take care!