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YOURLS 1.6 "Till Lindemann"

· 2 min read
Ozh Richard
Maintainer of YOURLS

I'm thrilled to announce the release of YOURLS 1.6 "Till Lindemann".

\m/ Rammstein \m/

YOURLS released are named after a (metal) music celebrity I like and I thought a non English singer would particularly suit the main feature of this release. If you're not familiar yet, please meet Till Lindemann, charismatic leader and vocalist of the awesome Rammstein 🙂

مرحبا العالم! Hej verden! 你好世界! Kumusta mundo! Ciao mondo! Hello world!

The main feature of YOURLS 1.6 is that it's now fully translatable. Yes! Si! Oui! You can now install and use YOURLS in the language of your choice! When the language of your choice is available, that is 🙂 As of writing there are 6 languages but that list will grow as translators will raise their hand.

If you want to translate YOURLS in your dialect: this is easy. Refer to the wiki page YOURLS in your language.

Lots of cool stuff!

On top of speaking Polish and soon Mandarin, YOURLS 1.6 brings other cool features: the usual bugfix load, security improvements, the ability to define custom API actions and to shorten URLs with other common protocols than just http, like this one. By the way, if you are running a public YOURLS install, you will want to read this: on Public Shortening.

Another new thing you may have noticed is that YOURLS development now happens on GitHub. Long story short: I want to learn Git on a real scale project, I dig Git's branching, and I'm curious to see if that will bring more contributions.

And speaking of which... I'm excited to announce that the YOURLS team is finally... a team! Let me introduce Léo, who has come up with nice patches, cool suggestions and fantastic ideas. With the help of Léo as a core committer, expect the development pace to raise from... real slow? to, err... somehow faster! 🙂

Update now!

Don't wait a minute: get YOURLS 1.6 and update: delete all your files except your config.php and your /user directory -- or simply overwrite, and you're good to go!