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Plugin_Files_Tests:: (15 methods):

Class: Plugin_Files_Tests  - X-Ref

File related plugin functions : find plugins, activate, deactivate, uninstall.

tearDownAfterClass()   X-Ref
Reset active plugin list

get_invalid_code_plugins()   X-Ref
Return array of files from tests/data/plugins/invalid-code

pick_a_plugin()   X-Ref
Return one of the "valid" test plugins from tests/data/plugins

test_get_plugins()   X-Ref
Check that only 2 "valid" plugins are found in tests/data/plugins

test_plugin_validate()   X-Ref
Check that a random "valid" plugin file validates as a plugin file

test_missing_plugin_validate()   X-Ref
Check that a nonexistent plugin file does not validate as a plugin file

test_invalid_plugin_validate($plugin)   X-Ref
Check that an invalid plugin file does not validate as a plugin file

test_plugin_activate()   X-Ref
Check that a random valid plugin activates correctly

test_plugin_activate_twice( $plugin )   X-Ref
Check that an active plugin does not activate

test_load_plugins( $plugin )   X-Ref
Simulate initial plugin loading

test_plugin_deactivate( $plugin )   X-Ref
Check that valid plugin deactivates correctly

test_plugin_uninstall( $plugin )   X-Ref
Check that deactivating a plugin correctly ran the uninstall script

test_invalid_plugin_activate()   X-Ref
Check that an missing plugin does not activate

test_invalid_plugin_deactivate()   X-Ref
Check that a missing plugin does not deactivate

test_invalid_plugin_does_not_activate($plugin)   X-Ref
Check that a plugin with invalid code does not activate

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