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Auth_Nonce_Tests:: (9 methods):

Class: Auth_Nonce_Tests  - X-Ref

Nonce tests

tearDown()   X-Ref
No description

test_nonce_life()   X-Ref
Check for valid nonce life

test_tick()   X-Ref
Check for valid tick

test_create_nonce()   X-Ref
Check nonce creation

test_create_nonce_field_echo()   X-Ref
Check nonce field creation and output

test_create_nonce_url()   X-Ref
Check nonce URL creation

test_valid_nonce()   X-Ref
Test valid nonce

test_invalid_nonce()   X-Ref
Test invalid nonce

test_nonce_different_for_different_actions_and_users()   X-Ref
Check nonces are different for different actions & users

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