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Fileauth.php                 [source] [63 lines]    
Fileclass-mysql.php          [source] [115 lines]   
Filefunctions-api.php        [source] [241 lines]   
Filefunctions-auth.php       [source] [747 lines]   Function related to authentication functions and nonces
Filefunctions-compat.php     [source] [110 lines]   
Filefunctions-debug.php      [source] [67 lines]    
Filefunctions-deprecated.php [source] [337 lines]   Deprecated functions from past YOURLS versions. Don't use them, as they may be removed in a later version. Use the newer alternatives instead. Note to devs: when deprecating a function, move it here. Then check all the places in core that might be using it, including core plugins.
Filefunctions-formatting.php [source] [802 lines]   
Filefunctions-geo.php        [source] [153 lines]   Function relative to the geolocation functions (ip <-> country <-> flags), currently tied to Maxmind's GeoIP but this should evolve to become more pluggable
Filefunctions-html.php       [source] [1038 lines]  
Filefunctions-http.php       [source] [528 lines]   Functions that relate to HTTP requests On functions using the 3rd party library Requests: Their goal here is to provide convenient wrapper functions to the Requests library. There are 2 types of functions for each METHOD, where METHOD is 'get' or 'post' (implement more as needed) - yourls_http_METHOD() : Return a complete Response object (with ->body, ->headers, ->status_code, etc...) or a simple string (error message) - yourls_http_METHOD_body() : Return a string (response body) or null if there was an error
Filefunctions-infos.php      [source] [384 lines]   
Filefunctions-install.php    [source] [351 lines]   
Filefunctions-kses.php       [source] [778 lines]   YOURLS modification of a small subset from WordPress' KSES implementation. Straight from the Let's Not Reinvent The Wheel department.
Filefunctions-l10n.php       [source] [1129 lines]  YOURLS Translation API YOURLS modification of a small subset from WordPress' Translation API implementation. GPL License
Filefunctions-links.php      [source] [276 lines]   
Filefunctions-options.php    [source] [195 lines]   
Filefunctions-plugins.php    [source] [941 lines]   The filter/plugin API is located in this file, which allows for creating filters and hooking functions, and methods. The functions or methods will be run when the filter is called. Any of the syntaxes explained in the PHP documentation for the {@link https://www.php.net/manual/en/language.types.callable.php 'callback'} type are valid.
Filefunctions-shorturls.php  [source] [637 lines]   
Filefunctions-upgrade.php    [source] [453 lines]   
Filefunctions.php            [source] [1273 lines]  
Fileload-yourls.php          [source] [26 lines]    
Fileversion.php              [source] [20 lines]    YOURLS version Must be one of the following : MAJOR.MINOR (eg 1.8) MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH (1.8.1) MAJOR.MINOR-SOMETHING (1.8-dev) MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH-SOMETHING (1.8.1-donotuse)

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