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Functions that are not part of a class:

yourls_check_PDO()   X-Ref
Check if we have PDO installed, returns bool

since: 1.7.3
return: bool

yourls_check_database_version()   X-Ref
Check if server has MySQL 5.0+

return: bool

yourls_get_database_version()   X-Ref
Get DB version

since: 1.7
return: string sanitized DB version

yourls_check_php_version()   X-Ref
Check if PHP > 7.2

As of 1.8 we advertise YOURLS as being 7.4+ but it should work on 7.2 (although untested)
so we don't want to strictly enforce a limitation that may not be necessary.

return: bool

yourls_is_apache()   X-Ref
Check if server is an Apache

return: bool

yourls_is_iis()   X-Ref
Check if server is running IIS

return: bool

yourls_create_htaccess()   X-Ref
Create .htaccess or web.config. Returns boolean

return: bool

yourls_insert_with_markers( $filename, $marker, $insertion )   X-Ref
Insert text into a file between BEGIN/END markers, return bool. Stolen from WP

Inserts an array of strings into a file (eg .htaccess ), placing it between
BEGIN and END markers. Replaces existing marked info. Retains surrounding
data. Creates file if none exists.

since: 1.3
param: string $filename
param: string $marker
param: array  $insertion
return: bool True on write success, false on failure.

yourls_create_sql_tables()   X-Ref
Create MySQL tables. Return array( 'success' => array of success strings, 'errors' => array of error strings )

since: 1.3
return: array  An array like array( 'success' => array of success strings, 'errors' => array of error strings )

yourls_initialize_options()   X-Ref
Initializes the option table

Each yourls_update_option() returns either true on success (option updated) or false on failure (new value == old value, or
for some reason it could not save to DB).
Since true & true & true = 1, we cast it to boolean type to return true (or false)

since: 1.7
return: bool

yourls_insert_sample_links()   X-Ref
Populates the URL table with a few sample links

since: 1.7
return: bool

yourls_maintenance_mode( $maintenance = true )   X-Ref
Toggle maintenance mode. Inspired from WP. Returns true for success, false otherwise

param: bool $maintenance  True to enable, false to disable
return: bool              True on success, false on failure

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