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Function relative to the geolocation functions (ip <-> country <-> flags), currently tied to Maxmind's GeoIP but this should evolve to become more pluggable

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Functions that are not part of a class:

yourls_geo_ip_to_countrycode( $ip = '', $default = '' )   X-Ref
Converts an IP to a 2 letter country code, using GeoIP database if available in includes/geo/

since: 1.4
param: string $ip      IP or, if empty string, will be current user IP
param: string $default Default string to return if IP doesn't resolve to a country (malformed, private IP...)
return: string 2 letter country code (eg 'US') or $default

yourls_geo_countrycode_to_countryname( $code )   X-Ref
Converts a 2 letter country code to long name (ie AU -> Australia)

This associative array is the one used by MaxMind internal functions, it may differ from other lists (eg "A1" does
not universally stand for "Anon proxy")

since: 1.4
param: string $code 2 letter country code, eg 'FR'
return: string Country long name (eg 'France') or an empty string if not found

yourls_geo_get_flag( $code )   X-Ref
Return flag URL from 2 letter country code

param: string $code
return: string

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