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yourls_debug_log( $msg )   X-Ref
Add a message to the debug log

When in debug mode ( YOURLS_DEBUG == true ) the debug log is echoed in yourls_html_footer()
Log messages are appended to $ydb->debug_log array, which is instanciated within class ezSQLcore_YOURLS

since: 1.7
return: string The message itself
param: string $msg Message to add to the debug log

yourls_get_debug_log()   X-Ref
Get the debug log

since: 1.7.3
return: array

yourls_get_num_queries()   X-Ref
Get number of SQL queries performed

return: int

yourls_debug_mode( $bool )   X-Ref
Debug mode set

since: 1.7.3
return: void
param: bool $bool Debug on or off

yourls_get_debug_mode()   X-Ref
Return YOURLS debug mode

since: 1.7.7
return: bool

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