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Functions that are not part of a class:

yourls_db_connect()   X-Ref
Connect to DB

since: 1.0
return: \YOURLS\Database\YDB

yourls_get_db()   X-Ref
Helper function : return instance of the DB

Instead of:
global $ydb;
Prefer :

since: 1.7.10
return: \YOURLS\Database\YDB

yourls_set_db($db)   X-Ref
Helper function : set instance of DB, or unset it

Instead of:
global $ydb;
$ydb = stuff
Prefer :
yourls_set_db( stuff )
(This is mostly used in the test suite)

since: 1.7.10
return: void
param: mixed $db    Either a \YOURLS\Database\YDB instance, or anything. If null, the function will unset $ydb

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