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Parameters used to display links the admin view (eg admin/index.php)

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AdminParams:: (11 methods):

Class: AdminParams  - X-Ref

Class AdminParams to get admin view parameters (number of links to display, search, ...)

__construct()   X-Ref
Admin constructor : populate all default parameters

get_per_page(int $default)   X-Ref
Get the number of links to display per page

return: int
since: 1.8.2
param: int $default default number of links to display

get_page()   X-Ref
Get the current page number to be displayed

return: int
since: 1.8.2

get_search()   X-Ref
Get search text (the 'Search for') from query string variables search_protocol, search_slashes and search

Some servers don't like query strings containing "(ht|f)tp(s)://". A javascript bit
explodes the search text into protocol, slashes and the rest (see JS function
split_search_text_before_search()) and this function glues pieces back together
See issue https://github.com/YOURLS/YOURLS/issues/1576

return: string
since: 1.8.2

get_search_in()   X-Ref
Get the 'Search In' parameter (one of 'all', 'keyword', 'url', 'title', 'ip')

return: string
since: 1.8.2

get_sort_by()   X-Ref
Get the 'Sort by' parameter

return: string
since: 1.8.2

get_param_long_name(string $param)   X-Ref
Get the correct phrasing associated to a search or sort parameter (ie 'all' -> 'All fields' for instance)

No checks : you need to supply an existing parameter, see $params_translations

return: string
since: 1.8.2
param: string $param

get_sort_order()   X-Ref
Get the sort order (asc or desc)

return: mixed
since: 1.8.2

get_click_filter()   X-Ref
Get the click "more or less than"

return: mixed
since: 1.8.2

get_click_limit()   X-Ref
Get the click threshold

return: int|string
since: 1.8.2

get_date_params()   X-Ref
Get the date parameters : the date "filter" and the two dates

return: array
since: 1.8.2

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