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Define the YOURLS config

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Defines 1 class

Config:: (6 methods):

Class: Config  - X-Ref

__construct($config = '')   X-Ref

since: 1.7.3
param: string $config   Optional user defined config path

fix_win32_path($path)   X-Ref
Convert antislashes to slashes

return: string  path with \ converted to /
since: 1.7.3
param: string  $path

set_config($config)   X-Ref

return: void
since: 1.7.3
param: string $config   path to config file

set_root($root)   X-Ref

return: void
since: 1.7.3
param: string $root   path to YOURLS root directory

find_config()   X-Ref
Find config.php, either user defined or from standard location

return: string         path to found config file
since: 1.7.3

define_core_constants()   X-Ref
Define core constants that have not been user defined in config.php

return: void
since: 1.7.3

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